About Us

Know About Us

At NeevShiksha, we believe in educating, mentoring and motivating young minds by providing them with the best facilities and the most coveted ways of enhancing knowledge.

Our primary focus is on understanding children’s hesitation towards studies and exams, getting them acquainted with the fundamentals of education and infusing in them the confidence to deal with information, so as to enable them to ace their exams.

About Team

We are an enthusiastic team of young members trying to contribute towards the development of budding students in the best-curated ways. Our team comprises a bunch of dedicated, hardworking people equipped with the skills, education, and knowledge required to motivate youngsters to strive for success.

Our aim is to provide students with a stress-free environment where they feel at home, do away with the rigidity of learning processes and improvise pedagogy to ensure a holistic learning experience for students.

Learning basics is important in CBSE and ICSE as it helps build a solid foundation for the future. Students need robust training and study material which simplify the learning of concepts and help them score well in examinations. We provide effective classroom content, customizable learning procedures and teaching resources. We analyze appropriate approaches towards academic activities to provide a child-centric ambience while focusing on quality. Both CBSE and ICSE boards advocate continuous and comprehensive evaluation with an emphasis on holistic development of learners. We cover both CBSE and ICSE curriculums and provide exhaustive textual material. We also provide comprehensive revision notes which will help a student perform really well in exams.