Author: Neev Shiksha Institute

Role of Critical Thinking in Education

Critical thinking as a process of assessing and judging, has become a central focus of education. A learner merely by practising a content-based curriculum can never become a better thinker. With critical thinking, one adopts the ability to evaluate and analyze a situation, which is a crucial skill in everyday life as well as in […]

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C.B.S.E. proposed changes in the structure of board exams (2019-2020)

To strengthen the evaluation practices of the board and to cater to the future requirements of a student, the impetus is given to the need of multiple assessment strategies such as ORAL TEST, QUIZ, CONCEPT MAP, VISUAL EXPRESSIONS along with the existing pen-paper tests. In addition to it, a compulsory internal assessment/project-work/practical for class 11th […]

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Summer Course Starts From 1st June

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