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Personality Development

Personality Development Programmes give major emphasis on the inch by inch formation of each individual student to polish them into the best of their personalities. It is our major goal to let the students evolve to the best of their inherent abilities and letting them develop more characteristics as they…

Classes 5th to 10th

Classes 5th to 10th: Building strong fundamentals and using them for their future endeavors is the key goal here at NeevShiksha. We believe in using student-friendly teaching methods to make sure that students combat the fear of exams and see education from a more receptive angle. With a keen eye…

Classes 11th and 12th

Commerce: Commerce is the backbone of the world economy. Humans earn their livelihood by engaging in activities rooted in concepts of commerce, thereby making commerce one of the most important subjects in modern studies. We provide different subject packages to choose from, designed efficiently to suit different needs. CBSE: Commerce:…

Computer Applications

We can all see that in the 21st century we are so technology driven and machine oriented, that it is imperative to acquaint ourselves with the computer applications as a subject. We at NeevShiksha encourage the study and practice of computer applications with a fully operational and standardized computer laboratory.…

Critical Thinking

It is a fact that we focus so much on literacy that we almost forget to educate students to train their minds analytically and develop logical reasoning. Critical Thinking plays a key role in developing the acumen of students in respect of evaluating various issues with a view to forming…

Career Counselling

Choosing the right career is one of the toughest choices that students face towards the end of schooling. The questions they generally face are: Which stream to choose after 10th? Which career option is best suited to me? These questions are a result of two major obstacles namely lack of…