Career Counselling


Choosing the right career is one of the toughest choices that students face towards the end of schooling. The questions they generally face are: Which stream to choose after 10th? Which career option is best suited to me? These questions are a result of two major obstacles namely lack of understanding of individual competencies and lack of awareness about the varied career choices.

In the Indian stereotypical set up, we usually end up going for the more common professions like engineering, medical or, say, management. Not that these career choices are deemed unsuitable; it’s more about understanding what is best suited to a person. Our aim at NeevShiksha is to help a child understand his/her area of interest and then accordingly help him/her understand the path to follow to achieve goals. We want children to also explore the lesser known options, in addition to the established career options in the field of management, law, medical, engineering etc., if they are really passionate about the same. It’s very important for parents to help a child take an informed decision. Our core team, with a plethora of experience in various fields, can guide you well in understanding various career options and then eventually take an informed decision.

We want children to realize the importance of having strong basics which are required to crack various competitive exams later. We are introducing special power sessions for students; these will include an extra focus on:

  • One-to-one career counseling sessions
  • Career option sessions

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